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The 5th Album from The Toss - released in September 2015.
Came in at No7 for the 3D Radio top 101 new releases for 2015.
After a change in drummers the band is back to their best with a bevy of songs that will grab you by the throat, slap you in the face and caress you gently.


released August 17, 2015

Recorded mixed and mastered at Locrian Studios in the Adelaide Hills by Gavin O’Loghlan on 27/28th June and 25/26th July 2015.
Produced by The Toss and Gavin O’Loghlen
AAFL, Black Dog, Thats just not Cricket and The 1st Quarter recorded at Fish Shop recording studios Nov 2012. Engineered and mixed by Nesta Mitchell. Drums by Rowley Toss



all rights reserved


The Toss Adelaide, Australia

Hailing from a bus stop in Adelaide, The Toss have continued to create Quality Power PUNT Rock. Never resting on their laurels or Hardys they give it all.

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Track Name: Hang up yer Boots
Sick and tired of doing the hard yards, gunna go out and buy yourself a car yard. Always new it would come to this, hang up yer boots and get on the piss. You aint gunna join the commentary team like fucking Barry Hall, we’ll find you selling supplements and the local shopping mall. We always new it would come to this, hang up yer boots and get on the piss. Get on the piss. Sick and tired of being shirt fronted, getting slow, yer skills are blunted. You always knew it would come to this, hand up your boots and get on eh piss.
Track Name: Bomb it in Long
There’s a 40 knot wind and its blown a southerly, hails coming down and its gunna get ugly, balls gunna be as slippery as butter, you gotta go in hard and shepherd ya brother. Going sideways, possession game, Flooding, in the rain. When ya kickin with the wind and its raining hard, Bomb it in long. Its their turn now and its into the breeze, play from behind and we’ll do it with ease, keep your hands off their shoulders and outta their backs, punch at the ball and hear their fingers crack.
Track Name: The 1st Quarter
Driving down that old South Road, to the home of the Panthers. Round one see how we go, hoping Andy’s got the answers. Park the car behind the goals, sirens just about to blow, thought Id take a little stroll, steak sandwich seems the go. Spend the whole first Quarter waiting for my steak sandwich. Waiting for my Fuck’n steak sandwich
Track Name: Softcock
Couldn’t make the jam cause you’re tripping on acid. Cancelling the make up jam shitting up the bowl. Sitting round the jam room waiting on a no show, went round to your house you’re asleep on the couch. SOFTCOCK. Couldn’t make the jam cause your tripping on acid, cancelled the next jam shitting up the bowl. Went round to your house you’re asleep on the couch. Same thing tomorrow, that’s life on the dole.
Track Name: AAFL
The Australian Amateur Football League, Do you wanna play footy? Shine your boots with Vaseline, 16 players on your team, kill the dill with the pill, the old boys man the BBQ grill. Do you wanna play footy? The Australian Amateur Football League
Track Name: Anthony
You lead with the left, Punch with the right, you do it all night. You punch with the right lead with the left you do it all night. You shoot form the hip, you ‘re talking shit, you make me sick. He’s coming alright, he’s doing alright, he’s causing a riot. You never saw it coming, you didn’t se a thing, but its alright. YEAH! You didn’t see us coming. Anthony,- You’re not our favorite son, you’re a cheap version in a 2nd hand
suit, you’re dad is number 1. You’re not Australia’s mate, you’re a B grader in a pimp suit, You’re really 2nd rate. She’s sold out, you’re toing the line, that aint me, I’m not faking all the time. He’s got a white woman, he’s got white kids, I’m keeping it real, I’m keeping it for the kids.
Track Name: Fucked up on weed
I live on welfare on a share house for 4, I get stoned daily but I still hang out for me, there’s nothing better than to get paid for free, the little that I have goes on beer sex
and weed. But everyone says that I’m happy, everyone says that I’m, fucked up on weed. I come from Saddleworth but I don’t own a horse, I played the back 9 then I played the whole course, we played each other Grand Theft Auto all night, it really hurt me when you left me at first light. But everyone says…
Track Name: Black Dog
Ever felt like your getting nowhere, outta breath and your running on thin air. Black dog is nipping at your heals, and everyone says they know just how it feels. Don’t give up cause your getting nowhere, don’t give up cause its all too hard, you gotta get down and give me 20, you gotta getup, get up, get up and do it again. Ever felt like your getting nowhere, on the ground when your running on fear, don’t stop cause its getting too hard, keep running don’t show your defeat
Track Name: Laughing (No way)
She looks good when she’s walking away from me, I’d rather be in a better place, I feel good when I’m lying alone, I feel good when I’m giving the dog a bone. Laughing, no way.
I feel good when my T shirts off my back, I don’t like when she looks at me like I’m slack, I feel good when I’m lying alone, I feel good when I’m giving the dog a bone.
Track Name: Reality shits me
Reality, shits me, Reality aint what it use to be. We just sit around and watch TV. Couldn’t give a fuck if the farmer gets a wife. The Bachelor? This is your life. Got a bear caught on my Gryll, but the biggest loser is Dr Phil. REALITY SHITS ME. Reality is all too easy; we just sit on our arse and watch TV. Mastercheif is an eating disorder, patrolling the border when the border is water, got a bear caught in my Gryll, but the biggest loser is Dr. Phil
Track Name: Thats just not cricket
Cricket is a game played by people in long white trousers over 5 days with a red ball
20/20 is a game, but its not cricket
Because Cricket is a game played by people in long white trousers over 5 days with a red ball
Track Name: YOB